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Q: How much does it cost to attend United?

A: It's free! While there are some costs to put the event together, generous donors take care of it so that everyone can attend with no financial obstacles.

Q: Is there a permission slip for United?

A: No. All churches bringing students and youth leaders are responsible for providing their own permission slips, liability waivers, adult background checks, etc. to provide for the safety of their own group.

Q: How do I get there?

A: We meet at McBain High School (click here for a map). The auditorium entrance is on the east side of the building next to the athletic fields. 

Q: Can I bring a friend who doesn't go to my youth group / church?

A: Yes! Please do! We plan every United knowing that visitors will be attending, and we hope to share the good news of Jesus with them clearly. And don't worry, we won't single them out or embarrass newcomers.

Q: I'm not a student or a youth leader. Can I still attend?

A: To ensure the safety of our students, we ask that every adult attending United has been approved to attend by their church's leadership. If you are a parent who has brought a student to United and you are not affiliated with a church, you are more than welcome to attend. 

Q: Can my students participate in leading worship?

A: Yes! We want to include student leaders in as many parts of United as possible. We recruit students to help with greeting, leading games, emceeing, worship, Scripture reading, and testimonies. Contact Eric at if you have a student leader who would like to get involved.

Q: Are you affiliated with a denomination or an association of churches?

A: While many of our attending churches belong to a denomination or association, United is an ecumenical gathering. The diversity on our leadership team reflects our efforts to effectively minister to those from a variety of church backgrounds. We do our best to promote the Gospel truths we can all agree on, and we are sensitive to areas of disagreement. United is here to affirm your local church's ministry to your students. 

Q: I am a representative from a parachurch ministry or college. Can I promote my organization at United?

A: First of all, it's exciting that you have taken a genuine interest in United and we're thankful for your support. However, at this time, we are still establishing the identity of this gathering and prefer to remain focused on promoting the ministries of the local church.

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