United is a bi-annual night of worship for students and youth ministries across northwest Michigan.​ Since our first gathering in April 2018, our gatherings have grown to about 550 students and youth leaders from over a dozen churches. We would love to add you to that number!

But the concept of United has been around for long before this event came into existence. Churches and youth ministries in this area have been uniting to worship for decades (ask your grandparents about something called "Combine"). United is carrying on that legacy of bringing hundreds of students together for one night, under one roof, with one identity, to worship our one true God. It's an amazing glimpse of the Kingdom that God is building here in this corner of the world!



For the Gospel: Our number one priority is to glorify God and enjoy him in worship. Everything we do is purposefully designed to point our affections toward Him. Given that our churches come from a variety of theological and denominational backgrounds, we prioritize finding common ground on the one thing we all celebrate--the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His salvation for us.

For the Church: Our gatherings are for you, the Church. We do not exist as a self-serving or self-promoting brand. Rather, we exist to promote and assist the ministry of the local church. Our leadership team is made up of youth pastors and youth leaders from small to mid-size churches just like you. We know what it's like and we seek to affirm your church's efforts to minister to students. 

For the Locals: We are here for northwest Michigan. Everyone you see behind a mic, leading games, leading worship, and preaching is from a small town or city in this corner of our state. We seek to involve as many students and leaders from our churches as we can. If you are interested in joining our leadership team or participating in a future United, email Eric at youth@cadcrc.org.

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